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Baby Girl’s Preppy Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to share Baby Girl’s nursery today! Decorating this sweet little room was a gradual process from our guest room move-out day to building the crib and rearranging the furniture a couple of times. A lot of what you see here is made up of decor I already had on hand! Now that it’s finished, I like to just sit in the chair and wonder what this little girl will be like and look like. I think it will very soon be my favorite room in our apartment!

We started with a palette of ivory and white furniture and left the walls as they were, which I thought was obviously easiest in a rental and also gave us lots of flexibility to switch things up if we so choose. Then, when we were in Charleston, Erin let us borrow these amazing Lilly curtains she had made for Sully’s nursery! Sully’s original nurseries (that little lady is on her third!) had two windows, but her room in their house in Mount Pleasant only has one, so they had an extra set on hand for our one-windowed nursery! 🙂

Crib Skirt // Crib Sheet

The print, First Impressions, happens to be one of my all-time favorites, maybe because I wore a dress in this very fabric on one of my favorite days in New York: William and Catherine’s royal wedding! I got up at 3am to go to an English tea party at the Paley Center for Media to watch it on the big screen, and it was absolutely worth. it. I then spent most of the day looking at the photo coverage and finished it with dinner at Tea and Sympathy’s celebration. Good times.

Pink Viv and Rae Lamps // Mirror found at HomeGoods

But back to the nursery. Luckily, the curtains have about six different shades of pink in them, so I decided to just go with coordinating pink and gold accents, which is pretty easy for me! See our wedding. 

Dresser // Rocker and Ottoman // Nightstand // Crib

As for the furniture, the dresser, nightstand, and armoire are all part of the Pottery Barn Teen Lilac set, which is definitely grown up enough to be Baby Girl’s furniture indefinitely. We have the bed (which you can see here) in the storage unit when she’s ready for it.

I originally had my heart set on this crib, and it would have gone perfectly with this nursery, but I just couldn’t get a crib that girly in case we have boy babies in our future. The Kendall crib was on sale and is very versatile for all future nurseries we might be blessed with, Lord willing.

The rocker and ottoman was probably the hardest part of the room to nail down. I wanted something that looked good and was comfortable but inexpensive. I also had my heart set on white, which made those requirements a tall order. The Pottery Barn Kids gliders are all gorgeous and so comfortable, but also super expensive. Also, everything I want from Pottery Barn always seems to be backordered for months, and I’m impatient to finish projects. But I persevered and kept checking until this Charleston rocker and ottoman set went on sale and were available immediately in white!

Polka Dot Pillow // Gold Lamp // Stuffed “Pippa” // Maps by Mabel and Maggie // Gold Frames

I love the sky blue and green accents in the curtains, and it just so happened that I had these adorable maps of DC and New York in coordinating shades laying around without a wall to put them on! (I have a lot of wall art without a wall to put it on, actually. Small apartment problems.) They were perfect to introduce my girl to two of my favorite cities.


We have a lot more books coming with my parents from Missouri that were too heavy to fit in my suitcase after my shower in Cape, and the toy bin was part of a gift from a friend who didn’t even know I had a gold and ivory nursery! I couldn’t believe how perfectly it fit into the bottom of the bookshelf to hold toys! The pink and red painting/bookend was painted by Will’s mom!

Tray // Comb and Brush Set

My mom has been holding onto this Beatriz Ball tray on the dresser for a long time, and the comb and brush set was a shower gift as well. Then the star of the nursery is this amazing rattle my dad handmade on his lathe!

This pretty cross was a gift from my Grandmom, and I’m so excited to finally have the Jesus Storybook Bible! Maybe this is not something everyone dreams about, but I’ve been waiting to read that to my babies forever! The shoes were mine when I was a child and luckily still look pretty clean! 🙂

The armoire is from the PBTeen Lilac Collection too. (But that piece is no longer available.)

Pippa spends a ton of time in the nursery with me too, and she really just wants to know what in the world is going on and why this stuffed imposter gets to sit on the furniture she’s not allowed on.

Inside the armoire is this loveliness, and I have to admit, Baby Girl’s clothes are probably my favorite part of the room. We had a bit of a unique storage situation in here. I just couldn’t completely clean out the guest closet (which is an organized mess of my off-season clothes, Pippa’s crate, gift wrapping supplies, seasonal decor, Will’s bass, extra serving ware, etc.) to use for her clothes, but we had a ton of drawers and nowhere to hang anything. So we just got a sturdy tension rod at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and made the armoire into a mini closet! The room does not lack for concealed storage overall, though, between the dresser, armoire, and nightstand.

Changing Pad Cover

Last, but certainly not least, our friend Leslie painted this gorgeous gold foil piece that coordinates perfectly! Baby Girl is already so loved and so blessed with such wonderful family and friends.

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  • Sandy Cox

    Catherine it’s beautiful. I know you’ll spend many enjoyable hours snuggling with your precious gift! Thinking of you as these last few weeks of getting ready to welcome her wind down. Lots of Love! xoxo

    • Thanks, Sandy! We can’t wait to bring her to Kirkwood to meet you someday!

  • Sarah Shaneyfelt

    This is so beautiful! I love the statement made by the Lilly curtains, but even with that, the nursery has a calming and comfortable effect. Love the furniture you chose!


    • Thank you, Sarah! I love that you think that–that’s what I was going for! Fun but calming!

  • Awww, it looks so beautiful!! My favorite thing about it is that it’s reminiscent of your wedding colors–what a sweet extension of your love story!

    • Thanks, Lisa! That’s true! It is a great way to tie our story in. There are more photos of our reception in her bathroom! 🙂

  • Her room is the absolute sweetest! I’m in love with those Lilly curtains and her peaceful & girly color scheme! She is going to love growing up in there 🙂

    • Thanks, Gentry! I hope she takes after mama’s taste, but for the first couple of years she won’t have a choice! 😉

  • I love seeing nurseries before the baby because it’s such a perfect representation of all the build up to the arrival! You guys did a great job. That baby girl has a beautiful room to come home to!

    • Thank you Kristen! That’s such a good point. You just build and decorate this little room with so much anticipation, not even knowing the person who will live there yet! It’s very fun.

  • Natalie Summerlin

    This nursery is absolutely adorable! What a lucky baby girl you have! 🙂 And my Nationals loving heart is so tickled to see that Nationals Park made the DC map – so cute!

    • Thank you, Natalie! I know, isn’t that map so cute?! Can’t wait to take Baby Girl to a game!