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Our Christmas Cards and Decorations 2017

Every year I promise myself I’m going to do all my Christmas preparations in October and November so that I can just enjoy the season in December and spend it going to see the Nutcracker, baking cookies, and ice skating. But alas, this year was not my year to conquer my Christmas procrastination.

That being said, we have been loving our time in the evenings by our tree this year, and that counts for a lot of cozy memories of Victoria’s first Christmas. Plus, she’s really not going to care whether we baked cookies at home this year, and I can’t take her to the Nutcracker yet anyway. (I CAN’T WAIT until the very first year I conceivably can, though!)

Isn’t the tartan on the back just too cute? Thanks to my friend Kaylee for the flat-lay items. 🙂 Dixie Design cards are care of Dixie Design.

I’m also way late on sending out our Christmas cards, but they are worth the wait! I was so excited to have my very first set of Dixie Design Collective beauties! I love this company so much. Usually I can barely find a card I like, and with Dixie Design, I couldn’t narrow it down! This was a much more traditional card than last year’s, and I love mixing it up!

My favorite part may be the matching detailing on the envelopes with our return address!

What I love about the decorating front is that once I’ve decorated for each season and holiday, it’s so much easier and faster each year. This year decorating probably took me about two hours (after we had everything out of the storage unit!), because I just put everything exactly where it was the last two years!

It can get a little crowded in our space at Christmas, but of course it’s worth it! I will just call it “cozy.”

Pippa hasn’t gotten nearly as much air time on the internet in the last four months, but here she is! Still a cute, sweet puppy.

We have two garlands full of Christmas cards now! They’re one of my favorite parts of our Christmas decor. Also, my parents got us this beautiful Mount Vernon advent calendar, which we are so excited about. (How DC is that?!) We didn’t put anything in it this year, but next year I think Victoria will be old enough to get excited about it!

So there you have it, friends! Our first Christmas card as a family of three and this year’s cozy city apartment decorations, starring Pippa. Merry Christmas!


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