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Fall Staple Favorites in Capon Springs

Barbour Jacket // L.L. Bean Flannel // J. Crew Factory Jeans // L.L. Bean Boots // Camp Socks

We were out in the mountains of West Virginia with our church family this weekend for our annual fall retreat without cell service or wifi, and it was just what we needed. The old-fashioned charm of this place is hard to describe, but we eat all our meals family-style in a dining hall, roast s’mores over a bonfire, have small group discussions, hear an amazing guest pastor teach, sing lots of worship songs, go hiking to see the fall foliage, and oh yes, there are Scottish highland cattle. Music plays over loud speakers around the camp to let you know it’s time to start making your way to breakfast, and there’s a flag raising every morning. It’s like church camp for families with an added 1940s experience component. 🙂

One of the best parts about our retreat is that our pastor wanted to make it a true retreat, not a conference, so there is a lot of free time. It was chilly and drizzly on Saturday, but that made for some good porch-sitting weather, and when else are you going to spend the afternoon catching up with friends in rocking chairs while watching each other’s kids play? As the guest pastor said, it doesn’t get much better on this earth than this. I’m counting down the weeks until next year’s retreat!

Of course, the retreat is also a great excuse to bring all my favorite fall basics. I live in these L.L.Bean flannel shirts in the fall. (I think I have 4 of them!) And it was prime Barbour jacket and Bean boot weather. Plus, I just picked up these comfy jeans for under $40! When it got a little colder, I just threw on a fisherman’s sweater, and I love how all my favorite fall things go together so easily. Give me my Patagonia fleece by the bonfire, and call me basic.

Victoria was awesome this weekend! She had a bit of a rough time falling asleep Saturday night (maybe she just wanted to stay up and play with her friends!), but otherwise, she went with the flow and is a great traveler. It’s a lot more work to get out of town for the weekend than it used to be, but it’s so much more fun.

See last year’s (slightly dressier) lookanother favorite L.L. Bean look, and my most ridiculous fall sweater.



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