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Friday Favorites No. 12: Birthday Week!

Zeus and Athena (Isn’t Will’s dad’s landscaping gorgeous?)

Hi-dee-ho folks and happy Friday! First of all, thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I’m blessed with some awesome friends and family. We’ve already had a great week around here of celebrations, and my mom is flying in for the weekend today! I’m so excited for some mother-daughter time. Here are my top 5 of the week!


Our Weekend in Statesville and the Panthers Game! ff-12-2

We had a great weekend in Statesville with family and celebrating Will’s grandma’s birthday! On Saturday morning we played with these sweet doggies, Zeus and Athena, went to breakfast, and hung out around the house watching college football and working in the yard.


Jenna made this beautiful cheese board!

Then on Saturday afternoon Will’s grandparents and aunts and uncles all came over to stay the night. We had a really fun night just hanging out, catching up, and pressing our own paninis. I also got to finally meet Will’s great-aunt.


Sunday, of course, was the Panthers game, and do you see what I was saying yesterday about the Panthers being the NFL with a preppy Southern twist? Now this is a tailgate. new-2

Keep pounding! Dab on ’em! And all that.


It wasn’t the Panthers’ best game, but we had a great time!!


Supporting Mamas


Don’t mind my wet hair.

I know this is a bit of a departure from what I normally write about here on Classic Catherine, but we went to a banquet for Assist Pregnancy Center on Tuesday night, and this is a topic that has really been on my heart this week. Assist  supports parents throughout pregnancy and parenthood, because often these mamas just need one person to be there for them, give them resources, and tell them they’re not alone. One thing I hear people say surrounding this touchy subject is “well, that baby isn’t going to be wanted so they won’t have a good life.” Well, I am here to tell you that baby is definitely wanted. I personally know several wonderful couples waiting for an adoption, and they want that baby. One of those couples is Nicole and Tyler Cole, and I bought this adorable t-shirt to support their journey to adoption. (Could it be any more fun?) Let’s all pray for and love on every mama who makes the brave choice to walk in faith as God gives her baby life (which is brave even when it’s 100% planned!) and every person who welcomes that sweet baby home (whether through labor or adoption).


Will’s Strawberry Cake!new-3

Every year growing up that I remember, my mom has made this delicious strawberry cake for my birthday. It’s the only day a year that we have it, so it is highly connected to September 28th in my mind, and I love it. Well, I came home from work on Wednesday, and look at what was on the table! Will’s first cake! I thought it was pretty impressive for a first cake attempt. Will’s mom got me the backpack I have been eyeing, which is even cuter in person. And then the big news around here is that Will got me the Canon 35mm f/2 prime lens! It takes even sharper photos than my 50mm, and I don’t have to back up across the room to get things in the frame. Alleluia!ff-12-8

I immediately put my new lens on to shoot the aftermath.

We went to Uncle Julio’s (where else?) and had a really nice night with just the two of us.


Birthday Celebration with Friends ff-12-9

Last night, we went to Cava with our crew! You may recognize them from this little trip. We love these people so much, and it was amazing that we were able to get everyone together on the same weeknight! I love hearing about their lives and days since they have such different jobs from me and Will (except Ben, he’s a lawyer too, haha). But we also could really just talk about anything and have a great night with these people. They are a huge blessing to us!


Dessert shot with the new lens. Look at that bokeh!


Royal Family Goals2016-09-30_0001

But really, most importantly, the royals went to Canada this week and endless beautiful images of family goals ensued. Best. Birthday Week. Ever.

Here’s what else happened this week:

I decorated our apartment for fall. 

My 30 before 30 list was born!

I went shopping for Carolina Panthers outfits. 


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