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Friday Favorites No. 15: A Fall Wedding in the Country

Hancock, NY

Happy Friday! This crazy-warm week was still just gorgeous if not fall-like, but I am excited for the temps to dip again so we can spend some time fall-festing with our besties this weekend in the Shenandoahs! It will be hard to top last weekend’s northeastern fall foliage tour and gorgeous wedding, though, and I can’t wait to get to these photos. So let’s do this thing.


Zach and Lacy’s Gorgeous Wedding in the Woods


The wedding was at Handsome Hollow.

I really can’t say enough about how much fun we had at Zach and Lacy’s wedding in Long Eddy, NY this past weekend. The road trip up there (to somewhere near the border of New York and Pennsylvania) was a fall foliage tour and totally worth it in and of itself. But then we got to stay in this darling old lodge in tiny Hancock, NY, take a bus 30 minutes farther into the middle of nowhere, and celebrate in a barn in the woods with no cell phone service. We arrived to this gorgeous barn surrounded by yard games, strung lights, and bonfires, but we couldn’t figure out where the actual wedding ceremony was going to be held.  That is, until we were led on a legitimate hike through the woods to the most magical clearing between trees covered in yellow leaves I’ve ever seen. We sat on rustic wooden benches and threw flower petals as the happy couple crunched back up their aisle of fall leaves, and I was like, “is this for real??” Too beautiful.


The photo on the left was taken from the clearing where the ceremony was held.


The tablescape


Dress: Bloomingdale’s (old) // Shoes: Kate Spade (old) (Which I can’t believe I wore on a hike. But I didn’t even care because I was having too much fun.)


The happy couple and the venue from afar!


I don’t know where Mike and Teddy were, but here are a bunch of the guys with Zach’s dad.


After the ceremony, cocktail hour was complete with corn hole, yard jenga, delicious food, and good conversation. We eventually ate the most lovely family-style dinner, danced until we could no longer stand, and then roasted s’mores by a bonfire outside the barn. There were blankets to cozy up in, hot cider, four kinds of cake, a secret loft to watch the dancing from, and most importantly Will’s best college friends. The dance party was just epic until the guys decided to turn the cleared tables into a giant game of flip cup. Everyone, please have fall weddings like this. We loved it.


Pippa’s Halloween Costume Reveal 



2016-10-24_0003 pippa-gator-costume

Ugh, I told Pippa to hold off on unveiling her Halloween costume at least until our building’s pet costume parade on the 27th, but you know this dog is a completely shameless attention hog not known for her subtly. So here is Pippa in this year’s Halloween costume. I don’t really know why she wanted to be a gator, but I think it might have something to do with her thinking I will let her use her costume as a chew toy after Halloween is over. I love this sweet puppy so much.


Slowing Down and Savoring Time 


Taken on our drive to Long Eddy, NY

I have something to say that is going to sound crazy. This week has actually felt pretty long, and I think I made it that way. I read this wonderful series of posts by Emily Thomas at the beginning of the week about how to slow down time (inspired originally by the Art of Manliness), and you guys just have to check it out. This was honestly life-changing for me. It dawned on me that I don’t have to be dragged along by the time-game forever. I can decide to inject novelty, savor moments, and consciously perceive my life as having plenty of time. October feels longer already!


Dinner in Capitol Hill at Romeo and Juliet Garden Cafe 


Image via.

I met my friend Sally for dinner at Romeo & Juliet Garden Cafe last night, and it was delightful. Sally is a fab restaurant scout, and she wisely chose this place due to the unseasonably warm weather. We had the best time sipping pinot under the twinkle lights and catching up, and I resolved to make it over to Capitol Hill more often.


Automatic Reorder Tights. FINALLY. 


Image via

I got an email from a sweet sorority sister of mine filling me in on a tip just in time for my fifth favorite thing this week: this affordable, quality, auto-deliver tights company! I live in tights in the winter, and I thank them for making my sweater dresses possible. In fact, I embraced the nude panty hose a few years ago when Duchess Catherine brought them back, and I’m still loud and proud about it, so I’m so glad this company agrees that they’re awesome. Anyway, let’s talk about how tights and hose are very fickle frenemies. Only when you are in a hurry to get to the office will they greet you with the loveliest of snags, runs and rips. It’s really not cute. I’ve decided life is too short to live in tights-changing agony, so you have to beat them at their own game and just throw them away at the first sign of a snag. (Not so funny from the trash can, is it tights?!) Clear nail polish can’t save you. Since I’ve never met a pair that won’t let me down eventually, I just stock up on the least expensive decent pairs I can find. But this is next level: why not just set up an auto-reorder for the pairs you wear all the time? I’m on board. And they come in all the levels of opaqueness, colors, and subtle patterns that I actually wear. I can’t wait to try this!

What Else was Up this Week:

I reviewed my favorite planner.

The weather was HOT, so I busted out a ruffly blouse.


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