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Friday Favorites No. 24: Lots of Changes!

The West Village during our quick trip to New York

Happy Friday! I’m just over here listening to the Moana soundtrack (so good!) and dreaming of our Maui trip. I was all pumped to get our bikes out and ride the Mount Vernon Trail this weekend, but we will have to see if the weather cooperates. It looks like it’s going to be really nice in March…except on the weekends, which are cold or rainy. Not fair! Maybe they’re wrong though. Anyway, I’m excited for a fun weekend in town including some museums with my friend Leslie, a crawfish boil (flown in from Louisiana!), and finally seeing King Charles III at the Shakespeare Theater. Here’s what else is up from this past week!


Thank you!!! 

Photo by Abby Grace

I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the love and well-wishes on our news yesterday! I especially appreciate all the mama friends who have been amazing at offering support, advice, stories, registry lists, everything! I can sense that I’m entering a supportive community of people who have been through the pregnancy and the new motherhood thing and are happy to be there for the new inductees. It’s really encouraging, and I look forward to the day I know ANYTHING so I can do the same! Ha. Thanks, everyone!


Celebrating Two Years on a Quick Weekend in New York

We had the best time on a whirlwind trip to New York last weekend for our anniversary! To my New York friends I didn’t get to see: I’m sorry! I didn’t do a ton of social planning so that we could kind of just go where the wind blew us, and also because I just forgot to plan, ha. But oh my, Dear Evan Hansen exceeded all expectations. When you see a show that has you smiling through tears, you know it’s a winner. Also, the second anniversary gift is cotton, and Will read my mind and got me these pajamas with my monogram embroidered on them! I got to cross off another 30 before 30 item, and also, what a great cotton gift!


We’re Going to Scandinavia! 

Photo via

More news! We found really cheap round-trip tickets to Amsterdam in May and snapped them up for a little babymoon in Scandinavia! I have been to the Netherlands, but not Denmark or Sweden, and that is a trip we have been wanting to take for a long time. I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant, but it is when we could squeeze a trip in between work deadlines, so we’ll just move at a slower pace if we need to! Look for more planning posts on this coming soon.


Honey App

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Has anyone else tried the Honey app? If you’ve ever wondered whether there is a coupon code you’re missing when you check out online, this is great! It automatically scans the web for coupon codes for the website you’re buying something from and tries them to see if it can get you a discount. I installed it on my computer, so now it just pops up automatically when I’m checking out!


Georgetown Shop Around Save the Date! 

I’m on the Junior League committee for our first annual Georgetown Shop Around, and it’s going to be so fun! Save the date for May 13th! There will be a kick-off party at our headquarters if you want to go with me or know another JLW member in the morning. Then you get a “passport” for tons of participating stores that will give you a discount and portions of proceeds back to the JLW. Then there will be an after-party with raffles for people who made it to a certain number of stores. I can’t wait!

What are you all up to this weekend?

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