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Friday Favorites No. 26: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! We are still enjoying our mid-March snow and ice over here on the East Coast! I’m sure this dad’s BBC interview already made your week, but really, does it ever get old? The little girl is funny enough, but the baby in the walker really makes it. I couldn’t stop laughing!

We had a pretty low-key weekend watching basketball with friends and trying to avoid the cold, plus I finally saw King Charles III! It was very well written (in iambic pentameter!) and constructed similarly to to Shakespeare’s history plays. It was pretty exciting for a theater nerd/Royal watcher such as myself to watch Kate Middleton give Shakespearean monologues. In other entertainment news, we also finally got into Stranger Things. I was worried it would be scary, but it’s too kitschy to be scary. We’re into it!

Here are some other highlights and tidbits that popped up this week!


Tuckernuck’s Spring Swing Tops



Pregnant ladies rejoice! I popped by Tuckernuck this week on my way to a Junior League meeting, and I realized that loose-fitting swing tops are completely in this season! They are very generous in the stomach and still look so chic! With this state of affairs I think I can get away with wearing normal clothes through spring. Also, if you’re not pregnant, these look like they could hide a food baby pretty well too. On another note, peasant blouses seem to be back. This makes me feel really old, but I don’t think I can get on board with that, because I wore blouses just like them to middle school in the 90s.


Will Getting Back into the Bass

As you know, it’s a big goal around here to pick up new (and old) hobbies and have more balance in our lives. That’s why I am so excited that Will finally got a bass! He played a lot in high school and college and had been talking for a long time about how he wanted to play again. We pretended this was my Valentine’s Day present to him, but I don’t know anything about guitars, so he picked it out. Now he plays all the time! Maybe he can serenade baby girl soon.


Lara Casey’s Garden Giveaway!

Does anyone remember our first foray into gardening last year? We didn’t know what we were doing at all, but I remember writing about how excited I would be coming home every day to check on my plants. There is something so satisfying about being outside tending to things and watching them grow and change. Well last year, we googled a few things, made a trip to Home Depot and hoped for the best. But this year, Lara Casey has spelled out the basics for us in a helpful three-part series! It’s not quite time to plant yet, but I can’t wait to use Lara’s tips to make a little progress and hopefully have slightly happier plants this year. Also, Lara’s doing a huge gardening giveaway, so if you’re a gardener or have thought about trying it, you should enter to win all the supplies you need!


Nick’s Final Bachelor Farewell (Hopefully)

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This week started out with freezing rain (preventing me from driving to a watch party), forecasts of snow for the evening, and of course, the Bachelor finale! I’ve been pretty quiet about the Bachelor over here this season, and I wasn’t really invested in Nick’s relationships. That said, after four solid seasons on the Bachelor franchise and getting really close to three other engagements, Nick found his lady! I adore Vanessa and think she has so much substance and strength. I do have to give it to Nick: he picked some good ladies. I hope they are very happy! But I am so ready for Rachel’s season over here. I may have to host weekly viewing parties and start a bracket this time around to entertain me while we wait for baby. 🙂


Starbucks Spring Cups!

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This just made me happy. Did anyone see these pastel Starbucks cups for spring? So cute!

What Else was Up This Week:

I shared a bit of my heart on parenthood and God’s timing. 

I started a rotating cleaning schedule and reported back on how it’s been going.

I posted a recap of our recent weekend in New York. 

I shared the story of our gender reveal date night! 

What are you up to this weekend?

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  • My husband used to play the bass too! I wish he had stuck with it…
    & I totally agree with your synopsis of The Bachelor this season. It was just okay. To be honest Corinne was the best part to me! I think he made a good choice, He and Vanessa seemed to have realistic and practical conversations…so maybe it’ll work out. I am looking forward to Rachel as the Bachelorette!

    • Catherine

      I agree, Kristen! I think he made a good choice–he’s marrying up if it works out! I’m thinking about maybe doing weekly recaps for Rachel’s season. That’s how excited I am!

    • I agree, Kristen! I think he made a good choice–he’s marrying up if it works out! I’m thinking about maybe doing weekly recaps for Rachel’s season. That’s how excited I am!

  • OMG thank you for alerting me to all those SUPER cute Tuckernuck tops! I need #2 in my closet immediately. I hope you have a great weekend, Catherine!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Thanks, Katie! Aren’t they all so pretty! I’m really happy about the ruffles and bell-sleeve moment we’re having right now.