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Friday Favorites No. 29: Easter Weekend!

I love you, King Street (Old Town Alexandria).

Happy Good Friday, friends! Today is always a very somber day, but I am thankful we know how the story ends and have the Easter celebration to look forward to on Sunday. This is one of my favorite times of year. Will’s mom is here, and we are going to church and then a Nationals game today and a tulip festival tomorrow! All my photos this week incorporate pretty pastels in celebration of Easter. Here are the highlights!


Ida in DC!

This is a bit tardy, because I didn’t get around to a Friday post last week, but I had the best time exploring DC with Ida, Sally, and several of their other delightful friends from college. Sally is an excellent DC tour guide. We went to lunch at Lincoln, toured the Museum of American History, got cereal milk ice cream at Milk Bar, explored rooftop bars in Shaw, and brunched and shopped our way through Old Town Alexandria. We had beautiful weather on Sunday, and it was so much fun! I am loving DC in spring, and it’s always wonderful to get to catch up with an old friend in person.


Mom in Town

I’m not that pregnant yet. It was the wind.

Then this past weekend, Mom was in town! We were BUSY. We made huge progress on the clean-out project (more on that below), bought our stroller, went to see Beauty and the Beast, went to the Kennedy Center for Chicago, and hung out around Georgetown to name a few things. She also brought a bunch of smocked clothes from when I was little that I can’t wait to hang in our baby’s closet for her to wear! It was a wonderful time, and Mom is a huge help in getting things checked off my baby to-do list.


New Write the Word Journals!

Photo via Cultivate What Matters

These beauties made my week! Cultivate What Matters came out with these lovely journals this week to help you connect with God in an easy and accessible, but deep way. I love that Lara Casey always says that with three kids, her quiet times are pretty loud, and these provide a way to get into the Word right in the thick of life. They have a verse for each day to copy down, space to journal or write prayers, and a space to write what you are grateful for that day. One of the most exciting new aspects to me is that these are topical, so you can start with the one that best fits your season of life. How much fun is it to have a whole journal full of verses to meditate on about joy? I love that they get me into the Bible and don’t let me make excuses about how I need an hour to do it properly. I’ve been trying to implement a bedtime routine to help me unwind other than scrolling through my phone, and this is absolutely ideal for an intentional 15 minutes before lights out. And did I mention they are full of beautiful gold foil and look gorgeous all together if you buy the bundle? You can get them here! 


Cycling Update

I don’t know if I’m quite legit enough to call this a “cycling” update, so maybe it’s a “biking” update for me. 🙂 Regardless, we have had the best time exploring the many great bike trails around Arlington and enjoying the spring weather! I was a little nervous at first getting used to sitting up high on a road bike, and the stopping and starting is still a little tricky, but I got comfortable more quickly than I thought! We’re staying on bike trails and off the roads, and I’m amazed at how far we can go in a short period of time. We’ve been going at my pace (safety first!), but I am looking forward to building endurance and speed as I get more used to it. It’s so fun to have a new active, outdoor hobby we can enjoy together. I’m hoping we can take lots of rides before the bump is too big for it!


Spring Cleaning

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been spending every free moment on a massive spring cleaning/nesting project. It has been so exhausting but so rewarding! I have made a ton of progress, but I still have a long way to go. Mom and I got our storage unit set up last weekend, and I’m so joyful about it. I used to think getting a storage unit was admitting defeat on getting rid of things; but now we need it for our nice guest bed, and I’m so glad to have it. We’ve moved so much stuff over there and still donated a ton of stuff as well. The biggest things left on my list are to go through my desk and all my clothes! I’m hopeful that can happen next week.

What Else Was Up Around the Blog this Week:

I shared a bright skirt for spring! 

My first “bumpdate” went live! It’s getting real.

What are you up to this weekend? Is anyone ordering a set of Write the Word journals as an Easter treat?

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