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Friday Favorites No. 35: The Small Moments that have Made Up Our Summer

I love all the crepe myrtle around our neighborhood right now!

Happy Friday! We’re just here, at 39 weeks, living in a bit of a twilight zone of wondering when, exactly, our lives are going to change forever. We’re definitely not in the impatient phase yet, though. We have tickets to see The Originalist, a play about Justice Scalia, at Arena Stage tomorrow! This is essentially both of our ideal dates rolled into one, as going to the theater is my favorite hobby, plus I have an interest in the Supreme Court. Will, on the other hand, loves few things more than he loves following the Court and really enjoys the theater. Did I mention that Justice Ginsburg is giving a talk at the end? This baby needs to just hold on a few more days!

Anyway, the need to put the brakes on our usual pace of going, seeing, and doing has really taught me a lot about savoring the little things. I feel like I’m living in the moment and just appreciating things so much more these days. I want to remember this sweet, unique, and fleeting time pre-parenthood, which makes me very thankful I have a blog! In a bit of a different format this week, here are some of the small things that have made up our summer.

Lobster Rolls // All of our schedules have been so wild this summer that sometimes we just have to make things work with this crew! So we celebrated the first day of summer (/National Wear your Lilly Day) by getting out for a quick lunch at Luke’s Lobster (followed by some amazing gelato), and it was just the happiest. The weather was perfect, DC just seemed to be sparkling, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to spend the first day of summer than over the first lobster roll of summer with these folks.

Goodbye Waterfront CG // We know that making it to our small group in Waterfront at 7pm on Tuesdays is about to get a whole lot more challenging, so we made the bittersweet decision to join a Sunday afternoon CG (community group) after the summer hiatus. On the night this photo was taken, we were celebrating our longtime leader, Alicia, who is also joining a new group in her neighborhood. It was a good way to say goodbye, and we’re thankful for these friends!

Essie Gel Couture Polish // This nail polish has changed my relationship with my nails. I love to wear bright polish, but lately it just hasn’t felt worth it since it chips so soon. But this gel couture line goes on so smoothly and dries so quickly that if I have to do it once a week, that’s fine! I just paint my nails and get back to doing whatever I was doing on my computer, and it’s dry! Plus, it’s super shiny and so foolproof it looks professional.

I love these French buildings in DC.

Fourth of July Weekend // We had the best low-key Fourth of July! We took Pippa on a walk on the Mall (which has been a longtime dream of mine), finally bought our flowers for the balcony, had dinner with friends visiting from New York, and had the best time at a backyard barbeque, ending with the whole crew coming over to watch the fireworks from our rooftop!

New Phone // My old phone finally bit the dust, which was fortunate timing in that it happened before the baby, so I spent a lot of time on the phone with support trying to revive it before finally just buying an iPhone 7. I wanted to hold out until the next new phone came out, but I’m so thankful for the storage space and better camera at this time in our lives. I did lose all my text messages, but it was a good lesson in letting go. 🙂

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea // I heard red raspberry leaf tea is good for pregnancy, so I’ve been drinking a big mason jar of it every day, and pregnant or not, this drink is delicious. It’s red raspberry leaf tea (chilled) with almond milk, orange juice, and honey. I don’t know if it will help, but it’s a great summer drink!

Zac Brown’s New Album // We have been loving our dinners on the balcony with our bluetooth speaker, and we definitely love the new Zac Brown album, Welcome Home. I don’t care what the reviews say, it is the soundtrack of our summer. Plus, ZBB always brings back sweet memories from Southern Ground right after we got Pippa.

This is unabashed nighttime photography practice right here.

Date Night at The Sovereign // We’ve had some pretty sweet date nights lately, and this one ranks pretty highly. Some of our friends were sending us pictures from Belgium, and I have major wanderlust (unfortunate when you’re on the no-fly list for a month), so we decided to go to The Sovereign for the next best thing: mussels and fries in Georgetown! It’s these easy, late summer nights that I want to remember about our last summer before baby. We’re so blessed to live in this city and to have this slow time in this season!

Spending Loads of Time on our Rooftop // We have really been getting our money’s worth from our rooftop this summer! We grill up there on weeknights and have spent the last two weekends reading on this side or at the pool as well as hosting friends for swimming and grilling whenever we can! Part of the not having plans thing was that we didn’t know if we would be able to make it this long, but the fringe benefit is that we feel like we finally have actual free time just to be. Maybe the baby will slow us down too and we can keep it up when it’s the three of us.

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I hope everyone has the best weekend!


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