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Friday Favorites No. 36: Happy Fall, Y’all!

It felt really good to get some items documented yesterday! Victoria and I are on a really good routine, and she is a champion napper, so let’s just hope it stays that way. Plus, it’s FALL! I promise I will be so excited when it actually feels like it! Right now I’m happy to just ride out this last week of heat in my short sleeves because summer clothes are easy. But we have been especially into football season this year since we spend so much more time at home. There’s not much that’s better than a college football Saturday with a baby!

Anyway, here’s what’s been on our radar this week! I’m sticking to my new format, because I don’t always have a good picture for everything I want to share.

I Put Out Our Fall Decor! // It is essentially identical to last year’s, but anytime I get the seasonal decor updated within two weeks of when I plan to is a win. I will sprinkle in my Halloween decorations in October. 🙂

Younger Got Amazing. // What a maternity leave gift! I started out watching Younger because my childhood idol, Sutton Foster, stars in it. The first three seasons were good, but the fourth season is incredible. You really need to binge watch this show. Apparently everyone else is!

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Emily Ley Made a Blush Baby Book. // Finally! Emily Ley had an adorable, simple, practical baby book before, but it only came in mint. I know mint is great for a girl, but you know, I think girl baby book and it has to be pink. I’m thankful I put this off, because she finally came out with a blush version! What I love about this baby book is that it covers the highlights thoroughly but also doesn’t attempt to ask too much of a tired new mama. Ain’t nobody got time to scrapbook her baby’s every waking moment.

Spray Aquaphor. That’s all. // Threatening to replace lotion for me forever, Aquaphor now comes in a  spray version! I have loved Aquaphor since junior high, but you can’t slather that stuff all over your legs. I haven’t tried this yet, but the lady on the Today Show said you can spray it all over your body! (Side note: Jenna Bush, I love you, and I’m only consolable about Megyn Kelly taking your hour on Today because I am going back to work.)

Royal Baby Number Three! // I understand this news is about as old as the Taylor Swift album announcement, but did anyone else get genuinely giddy about the forthcoming royal babe?! Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now, or maybe it’s just because I’m crazy, but I am thrilled. I just didn’t think she would have another one! I love watching them grow up so much. Obviously I hope she has another girl, because the clothes are way cuter. I did avoid naming my daughter Charlotte to minimize the cheese factor (even though that is probably my favorite girl’s name), so if she has another girl and names her Victoria, I give up.

Have a great weekend!

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