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Friday Favorites No. 39: A Full Week of the Little Things

A photo from our retreat to Capon Springs last year.

This week was full in the best way. It was full of work, full of quality time playing with Victoria, and full of lots of exciting little outings. To top it all off, we are headed to our annual church retreat in West Virginia this weekend, which is one of my favorite weekends of the year! It is so refreshing to be with our church family in the backwoods worshipping, learning, and reflecting in the great outdoors. I don’t know what my favorite part is, but the music, the meals, the teaching, the bonfire, and the board games are all up there! Also, I may take this cape again. Don’t judge.

Anyway, before we head out, here’s a recap of this excellent week!

Completely gratuitous pictures of Victoria because I can’t help myself.

Hayley’s Baby Shower // After our Halloween party (which has been well-documented), we flipped the decor and food for Hayley’s baby shower! We played a fun game I got from Emily where Hayley answered questions about how life with the baby will go and then we played a video of Jeff answering the same question, and I thought it was fun! We had a baby animal/safari theme, and Leslie made her delicious tomato pie. 🙂

Victoria’s First Story Time! // We had so much fun with our friends Alexis and Addison at Victoria’s first story time at the public library! The library is about a block from our apartment, and this is a story time just for infants under a year, so it was perfect for her. We sang and read and did all the motions. I think Victoria had fun, and it completely wore her out!

Our Supper/Book Club // Monday night we also met at the Mostellers’ apartment for dinner and discussion of True Spirituality with the Porters. These are some of my favorite evenings, period.

Breakfast with Scott! // Our friend Scott was in town this week too! It was a busy week, but Victoria and I met him for breakfast in Courthouse, which actually, was Victoria’s first Metro ride! It was so good to see him and catch up.

My New Haircut // On Wednesday after work, Victoria and I went the salon to get my hair cut, and it ended up being a big change! Victoria was so good and a huge hit for her first trip to the salon, and I’m really liking my new length!

Lonestar Southern PowerSheets Post // I love Kate’s blog, so I was so pleased to see that she’s a PowerSheets user! Yay!

Touring the University Club // As you might imagine, DC is a city full of clubs, and I went to a fun cocktail party and tour at the University Club with the Junior League last night. I love that Junior League gets me out in DC and keeps me young with these non-mama friends. 🙂

T Swift’s New Song // Finally! Taylor released a song from her new album that’s actually good! I’m really enjoying  “Call it What You Want.”  I’m just a nostalgic lover of the sugar sweet Swiftie.

What Else Was Up on the Blog This Week:

Last week’s Friday Favorites, with Victoria’s first trip to Missouri, was better late than never. 

Victoria turned three months, and I shared all the updates!

I recapped our Fourth Annual Halloween party. 

My November goals are live!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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