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Friendsgiving Decor Ideas: Create a Warm, Relaxed Gathering

Believe it or not we’re only one week away from the biggest Thursday of the year (and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!), but first, you know we have to celebrate everyone’s second-favorite November holiday: Friendsgiving! I don’t know when this became a widespread thing, but it makes so much sense. Everyone loves Thanksgiving, so why sneak in an extra one with friends before the main event?


When it comes to Friendsgiving decor, you definitely want something relaxed and homey. I actually think you can just as easily go with paper plates, a plastic tablecloth, and a buffet line, but I also think creating a pretty, cozy vibe is worth the effort to draw people in around the table and keep them there. There’s something about a tablescape you put a little thought into that encourages people to linger.


Setting the Friendsgiving Table

I started with my new “Gather” banner and the mini pumpkins that have been in our centerpiece all season as the inspiration for my buffalo checked, navy palette.  I gave up trying to find a last-minute tablecloth that fit my exact vision pretty quickly and went to Jo-Ann for a legitimate piece of fabric. Hayley even said she would teach me how to hem it on her sewing machine! (New 30 before 30?)


I knew that I wanted a garland running the length of the table that didn’t cost a ton, so I went to Hobby Lobby and scouted out the artificial greenery.  Truth be told, 90% of them are ugly or look really fake or cheesy, but this elegant lady looked like simple magnolia leaves, and that was a no-brainer. For some reason the Christmas decor was 50% off, so I got a spray of gold glitter pook-kee-doos and cut it up to weave into the magnolia garland.




Once I had the gold glitter in the garland and knew I wanted to weave pumpkins in, these gold glitter pumpkins were another obvious choice. I found them, and this gorgeous orange and gold pumpkin candle also at Hobby Lobby! I then found this cute little wooden tray in the dollar aisle at the front of Target and hoped the candles would reflect off the mirrored bottom. I thought tying in some wood brought in some wintry, outdoorsy vibes. The gold glitter pumpkins came with some leaves, and I’ve had these candle votives from Crate and Barrel forever, so I threw it all in and had an instant and different centerpiece. After adding in our beloved crystal candlesticks, it was time for place settings!


I pulled out our usual Pottery Barn glasses, chargers, and plates and our “fancier” set of silverware. I had also found the gold glitter coasters in the Target dollar aisle, and obviously I couldn’t not buy them. So the coasters and the repurposed grocery store pumpkins make friends with place cards, and there you have it!








A little secret: there were actually eight of us at this dinner, but I didn’t like the way the table looked with eight place settings as well, so I added settings for Will and myself later. 😉



Friendsgiving Dinner


Obviously Friendsgiving is definitely more about the company and the food than the decor, so I would be remiss not to include those two paramount elements! I don’t need to talk about how much we love these people, and we were also celebrating Jeff and Hayley’s fourth wedding anniversary that night! Everyone brought something they like to make on Thanksgiving, and it turned out perfectly!



Pippa licking her lips. Sorry, Pips. Dog food for you.








Did you host or go to a Friendsgiving this year?


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