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July Goals

We soaked up the summer installation in City Center this Sunday.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! We went to a lovely backyard barbecue with friends and then watched the fireworks on the Mall from our rooftop. It was a nice weekend with work on Monday and then a little bonus day yesterday.

It’s pretty surreal that the month we’ve been waiting for over the last eight months has finally arrived. And while we certainly have some more things we would love to do before D-Day, things have slowed down around here considerably. We’ve been taking a lot of strolls around Clarendon, trying a lot of local ice cream, and eating on patios in Dupont Circle. As you might imagine, my goals this month are very simple,  since our (potentially) ruby baby could hijack them any day. I’m trying not to stress myself out in the meantime. 🙂

My Simple July Goals:

  1. Finish as Much of the Baby To-Do List as Possible. There are lots of things on this list that would be just lovely to finish, but at this point, they are all bonus items.
  2. Have Some Summer DC Fun with Friends Too. I think we’re still doing a pretty good job on this, but the Summer Fun Bucket List is handy when we have a spare moment to get out! We took Pippa for a walk on the Mall on the Fourth of July!
  3. Get all Caught Up and In a Good Place with Work. This is in decent shape, but there are a few big projects I need to finish.
  4. Welcome and Love on Sweet Baby Girl? We’ll see!

June Goals Updates:

  1. Enjoy my Last Trip to Missouri before Becoming a Mom! This was a great trip, but I think going to Missouri will be even more fun with the baby! 
  2. Make DC Summer Fun Bucket List. Here she is! 
  3. Plant Balcony Garden and Decorate Outdoor LanternsThis is happening! Meaning, it is about halfway done. I will conquer this, though! 
  4. Finish Stocking Up on Baby Necessities and Put Everything Away in NurseryDone! Will reveal the finished product soon. 
  5. Host Cookouts on the Rooftop. Done! This is a super fun part of summer for me. 
  6. Pack Hospital Bags and Take Childbirth Class. The only bag left to pack is Pippa’s for someone to grab when they come to get her, and we have taken all the classes! 
  7. Clean out Gmail. Still on the pre-baby hopeful to-do list. We’ll see. 
  8. Back up All Photos to Dropbox and Smugmug. I made a little progress on this, but it’s not up-to-date. 

Happy short work week!


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