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May Goals

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This May has already started out in line with its whole theme: exciting, fun, busy, and full of travel. I have so many wonderful things to share here (especially from our trip to Charleston!), but this month is so full of celebrations and vacations that I had to entirely devote the last week of April to getting that guest room cleaned out and ready for baby girl’s nursery furniture! The good news is that we now officially refer to the room formally known as the “guest room” as “the nursery,” and that is very exciting. My May “goals” are really more of a preview of all the fun things these next 3 and a half weeks have in store. I’m grateful to spend this time relaxing, reading, traveling, and in quality time with Will before we focus on crossing off that baby to-do list in June and (hopefully) July.

Here’s What We have Coming Up this Month:

  1. Enjoy Sanibel Island! We are headed to Sanibel for a relaxing, low-key babymoon, and my only focus here is to spend quality time with Will.
  2. Visit with Old Friends in Charlottesville and DC. One of my oldest friends is getting married in Charlottesville, which means other dear old friends are coming to visit! I’m excited.
  3. Host a Successful Georgetown Shop-Around. This is the Junior League’s big spring shopping event I am helping coordinate. It’s May 13th in Georgetown, complete with a champagne kick-off at our headquarters and after party at the Ritz! Come shop for a cause and receive discounts at tons of Georgetown stores! All the info is here. 
  4. Celebrate Baby Girl with DC friends. My sweet DC friends are throwing a little brunch/baby shower to celebrate the baby, and I’m so excited.
  5. Finish Third Trimester To-Do List. I’m in the home stretch (literally, as my stomach is growing by the day)! Time to get really organized on everything that needs to be done before baby girl’s debut.
  6. Spend time with Family in Emerald Isle. The annual Moser family Memorial Day Emerald Isle trip is coming up this month!
  7. Host a Bachelorette Viewing Party. I’m planning to host a weekly bachelorette watch party this season, because Rachel is amazing, and it will give me something fun to do as I wait for baby in the dog days of summer.
  8. Finish Setting Up all Furniture in the Nursery. I want to get the crib and swing set up and the dresser and glider and all big items into place in May.

April Goals Update:

  1. Plant Balcony Garden. This didn’t happen, but I’m hopeful for maybe squeezing it in this month! 
  2. Plan Europe Trip. This is now “plan Sanibel Island trip,” which was super easy and done! 
  3. Enjoy Charleston with the Phillipses! We had the BEST time, and I’m excited to chronicle the experience here. 
  4. Host Easter Brunch. This was so much fun! 
  5. Finish Cleaning out All Storage Spaces. The most important spaces got cleaned out by some miracle! I would still like to tackle a few closets, but they are not baby-related and really not too disorganized, so if I don’t get to them, it will be ok. 
  6. Host Grace Girls Supper Club Night. This was a wonderful evening of catching up. 
  7. Finish Baby Registries and Make Master To-Do List. The registries are done, and the to-do list is in progress! 
  8. See one playMom and I saw Chicago at the Kennedy Center! 

My blogging may be a bit sporadic this month as I soak up the last couple weeks of being allowed to fly and focus on quality time with Will.

Let me know what your May goals are!


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  • What a FUN month you have in store!! I can’t wait to see all your adventures!