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November Goals

October was a great month. The highlight was our trip to Missouri to spend a long weekend with my family, but last weekend’s blitz of hosting was a close second! We had my bestie Haley in town (while my work was still super busy during launch week) and hosted both an all-day Halloween open house and a baby shower (that was not Halloween-themed) the next day. Did I mention that my baby still eats every three hours and doesn’t like to be put down while she’s awake? It had the potential to be a disaster, but I just stayed calm, and it all went so well! I even felt like I got good time to have good conversations in the midst of it all.  It’s important to celebrate those little victories.

Here’s What I Want to Focus on in November:

  1. Finish all Christmas preparations. That’s right, I want my cards, shopping, and decorating done in November so that I can just spend December soaking up Victoria’s first Christmas season and celebrating traditions.
  2. Throw a great Junior League event to see Mean GirlsI need to go scope out meeting points at the venues, provide all the details to the gals attending, and pick out a great pink outfit to wear! 🙂
  3. Get back into an exercise routine. I have felt great postpartum for a long time, but I just haven’t made this a priority, and I want to again!
  4. Focus on spending quality time with WTM. Now I see why moms are always talking about how easy it is to let husbands take the back burner, so even in this busy season, I want to carve out some good time with Will.
  5. Document and preserve Victoria’s first three months on the blog and in her baby book. I still need to write her birth story and post her newborn and baptism photos.
  6. Celebrate Southern Weddings’s Tenth Anniversary IssueI’m so excited for our launch party! 
  7. Renew faith and spend quality time with church family at the retreat! 
  8. Keep making little by little progress on my technology goals. The big three are cleaning out my gmail, making space on my overloaded hard drive, and backing up my photos.

October Goals Update:

  1. Throw our best annual Halloween Party and Fall Fest yet! (And great visit with Haley!)  See it here!
  2. Love Hayley and Baby Porter well with a lovely baby shower. I think this was a beautiful afternoon, and Leslie and I think Hayley agreed! 
  3. Have a fantastic first flight with Victoria and trip to Missouri! Check! 
  4. Start Victoria’s baby book. (Even if it’s just to order photos and buy supplies.) This is getting pushed to November. 
  5. Technology: LET’S DO THIS. (Clear space on HD, back up photos, and clean out gmail.) I made a small bit of progress, but this has a long way to go. 
  6. Book travel and Pippa boarding for the rest of 2018. I also made progress on this, but I need to book Christmas plane tickets. 
  7. Take Christmas card photos and polish up list of Christmas card addresses. The photo shoot is done! 
  8. CELEBRATE POWERSHEETS 2018 RELEASE This was the best work week

Also, if you’re planning ahead for your Friendsgiving, see some inspiration here!

What are you working on in November?

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