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A Cheeky Seasonal Sweater and Fall Leaves

Falling Leaves Sweater // Old Seven Jeans // Bean Boots // Camp Socks (similar) // Speedy // Sunnies

Confession: I just love a cheeky seasonal sweater. My mom just could not believe it when I picked this one up (at Talbot’s of all places), saying that she already did that trend in the 80s. I wasn’t in charge of my wardrobe in the 80s, but I am obsessed with this sweater. Plus, I would argue that the seasonal sweater is not an 80s trend but a classic preppy staple. If you have to get dressed in the morning, you may as well have a little fun with it, and this sweater is fun.


Nothing says fall to me like a seasonal sweater and bean boots!






Some quick notes on Bean boots. First of all, they are hand-made in Maine, and they get back-ordered very quickly around this time of year, so I would act fast if you have your eye on a pair for this fall/winter! When Mom and I went to the L.L. Bean store in Tysons, the place was just overrun with everyone trying the boots on. The check-out line was like a joke, since every person had a box of boots. We even had a little scare where we left my boots unattended and when we came back to them some other woman was trying them on! We were really worried they would be the last ones, but we got another pair, and as of today, though, they are still in stock!

They come in three heights: 8-inchers, 6-inchers, and mocs. The 8-inchers come in a few more colors, but I have the 6, and I really think they are the sweet spot. The mocs are really a horse of a different color for a different purpose, but they are the ideal by-the-door slip-on all-weather shoe to run the dog or the trash out. They are next on my list. The boots only come in whole sizes and run big, so if you are a half-size, you should go one size down, assuming you want to wear them with heavy camp socks. If you want to wear normal socks in the spring and summer, you may want to consider going a whole size down.






Photos by Mom!

What are your thoughts on the cheeky seasonal sweater?



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