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Summer Apartment Decor Updates

Just a quick post today to round out my seasonal decor posts! (See “generic winter” + springfall, and Christmas.) I refreshed our space for summer gradually this year (starting in early June) and finally finished!  With flowers in our window boxes, some new items for our centerpiece, and new outdoor candles, it’s looking pretty summery!

There’s no big “how to” on this, but I’ll share what I added for summer this year!

These nautical monkey fist rope balls are from Etsy, and I thought they were just the perfect addition to our summer decor. I wanted to keep it simple but also bring in a beachy vibe.

I switched out our tartan winter throw for this much lighter ivory look, and our hurricane lanterns are now filled with seashells we found on the beach in Sanibel! We had fun collecting only the white shells, and there were so many it was not hard! They’re so pretty they look like I bought them, but we know they carry special memories. 🙂

It’s not summer without hydrangeas!

These seashells I did buy, though.

Planting some flowers in our window boxes has been on my Powersheets since April, but if it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t have planted flowers at all. So I say this is a win! Seeing these out our window or when we’re eating or reading on the balcony makes me so happy. It just looks so much more complete with a little living color.

I really can’t believe I didn’t have outdoor candles until this year, but I learned my lesson about real candles from the melted and misshapen mess that happened last year. Yes, it is safe to burn a real candle in a lantern with sand and seashells in it. No, it is not practical. I love flameless outdoor candles!

We are loving our bright, beachy, summer decor! We stuck a bunch of flags in everything for the Fourth, but until mid-September (or whenever I come out of my newborn haze), we’ll be enjoying this simplified look for summer.



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  • Jane Connors

    Looks wonderful! After moving a few months ago from a studio apartment in DC to a house in NoVa, one of my favorite things is decorating for the seasons. You’ve done a great job updating your space for entertaining and summer fun. I’m definitely going to steal a few ideas here. Love!