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Victoria’s Second Month

Two Months on September 30, 2017

Weight: 12 pounds 1 ounce

Height: 22 3/4 inches

Victoria turned two months old over the weekend, and wow, what a difference a month makes at this point! The best part of the second month was that she started sleeping through the night, but her cooing and babbling noises were a close second! Just when we don’t think we can possibly love her any more, we do. She really transitioned from a newborn to a regular baby this month, and I’m already nostalgic about it. But trying not to dwell on that . . .here’s what was new and noteworthy in Victoria’s second month! (I kind of love that these fit neatly into actual months, so it’s easy to just gather up everything that happened in September!)

A special tidbit: We’re using the table numbers from our wedding for these milestone photos!


Cooing and Babbling up a Storm! Victoria started September with making her first sounds that were very distinct from crying. She started cooing, babbling, and having “conversations” with us that just make us melt. She started with a lot of “ah” noises and gurgling sounds, but now she has a pretty wide repertoire!  We’ve been able to take turns “talking” with her, and she makes very intense eye contact during these conversations! She just locks in on us, frowns a little bit, and really seems like she has something to say!

Batting at and Holding onto Toys. She has a Baby Einstein Activity Mat that she LOVES, and this month, she started batting at the toys with her hands. I’m not sure she knows that she’s the one making the toys move, but she’s delighted by it. She also started holding onto small toys and the rattle my dad made her for quite a while! We put things in her little hands, but she holds on! This also means that she started grabbing and holding onto shirt sleeves and hair quite a bit too, which can sometimes hurt!

Using Pacifiers and Bottles. At the beginning of the month, she seemed to really get the hang of using her pacifier. We were over at our friends’ the Downers’ house, and it may be that Amber, who is a mother of three, just had the magic touch. For a couple days thereafter it seemed like she could really keep it in her mouth and even hold onto her Wubbanub. Since then, she hasn’t been great at using a pacifier. She is, however, better at eating from a bottle. Sometimes she still can’t quite get a good latch on it, but when I started back at work last week she successfully took at least 2-3 bottles a day from Granny. 🙂

Head Control Fun. Victoria got a lot sturdier this month and really doesn’t need her head held for her very often anymore. She’s still a champ at tummy time and still rolling over from tummy to her back, but not quite as much. Now she hangs out on her stomach and looks at toys in front of her for quite a while. She also just feels sturdier and snugglier when you hold her. She wraps her little arms around me more and seems to kind of hang on!

Kisses. I can’t be sure this is intentional, but I’m counting it. If you put your face really close to hers, she does an open-mouthed kiss on the cheek thing that we just die over.

Standing on those Little Legs! One of my favorite things about this month is that Victoria can now put weight in her legs if you stand her up. This is actually one of her favorite playtime activities. I just hold her lightly under her arms and she practices standing and looks all around. The only issue with this is that she tries to stand up in her Solly wrap, which makes it hard to use, because she gets out of it from the waist up and just wants to be standing.

Sleeping Through the Night. Okay, here’s the biggest one: she sleeps past 7 AM! I say she sleeps “past” because we’ve let her go past 7 once or twice, but usually we wake her up at 7 for breakfast. I know it’s not for everyone, but the whole Babywise, Baby Whisperer, Moms on Call scheduling system worked like a charm for us and for her. Toward the end of August she was sleeping until about 5 AM. Then on September 7th she started sleeping until 6:15 or so, and then on September 17th it was past 7! From then on, she’s been doing that every night. We do the bedtime routine starting at 7 PM and put her down for the night around 7:45, do a “dream feed” where I wake her up to eat again in the dark at 10 PM, and then she’s out until the morning. I’m sure she’s a good sleeper like her mom and dad, and I hear we’re in for several bouts of sleep regression, but this is just what’s been going on the last couple of weeks!

Events and Outings

Victoria’s Baptism! Victoria was baptized on September 24th, 2017, and we have some great photos I need to post somewhere. She fussed a bit during the vows, but once Pastor Glenn picked her up, she was calm and quiet! We had a nice dinner afterward at Clyde’s, and it was a great day!

Lots of Time with Granny. My mom has been here since the 23rd, and it has been wonderful to have her help as I transition back to work! She has been a huge help with Victoria (and also Pippa, cleaning, cooking, and laundry), and Victoria has loved getting to spend so much time with her while mama works!

Two Month Shots. This was definitely the worst moment of the month, but we’re thankful she’s vaccinated! Poor baby turned bright red and screamed as loudly as she could, which of course, made me cry too. But she was over it in about five minutes, we got a great bill of health, and we followed it with a quick lunch with Granny at Laduree. 🙂

First Shopping Trip. Mom and I took her to the Tysons Corner mall for some fall clothes on Saturday, and she was so good. We are pretty good at using our Milk Snob to breast feed in public places now, and we keep her on the schedule just with naptime taking place in the stroller or wrap if we’re out.

Likes and Dislikes


-Still looking at lights and out the window.

-Talking when she’s sleepy and swaddled about to go down for a nap.

-We wake her up by singing “Rise and Shine” in the mornings and she LOVES it. We love waking up to her huge smiles.




-She fusses a bit while we’re swaddling her but seems to still like it once she’s in it. We’re planning to keep it up until the end of this month.

-Being left alone. If you go out of her line of sight, especially when she’s in her stroller, she fusses to let you know you left her! This is especially when I’m loading her and all our stuff in and out of the car. She wants to make sure I don’t leave her! 🙂

We’ve never felt joy like the light this little lady brings us! It’s truly the sweetest thing.

See Victoria’s First Month update here.



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