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Victoria’s Third Month

Three Months on October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! This beauty is three months old today! Her changes were less drastic this month, but after a month of gradual progress, we can’t believe how much older she looks and acts. You really get the sense that she knows what’s going on now. Her motions are more fluid, and she’s much more focused.

This feels like a big graduation, as we are out of the so-called “fourth trimester” now, and she is much sturdier! You know, people always say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but I didn’t think it was hard at the time. But I sure do now that we’ve had some easier years after it to put it in perspective! Well, people also say that the first three months with a new baby are the hardest. Again, they sure felt fun to me right now, but I’m still just hopeful that it’s true, and this motherhood thing will just keep getting better.


She’s still a huge talker. She makes longer, louder, higher sounds when she’s “talking” now, almost like squeals! She gets really excited talking to certain people (especially Granny!), and she loves to just talk up a storm. You’re supposed to go back and forth and have a little “conversation” with her, but sometimes I can’t get a word in edgewise! She just has so much to say! The newest thing is that she now babbles herself to sleep. She doesn’t cry per se, she just makes her cooing noises until she passes out, especially at night.

She started watching people walk across a room and turning her head to look at someone when she hears them speaking. This makes her feel much more grown up.

She’s starting to sit on her own for a few seconds! She’s much more balanced now, and I usually just hold her by the hands when she’s sitting or standing. I decided to let her sit on her own on a cushy surface once or twice, and she can stay up for a while on her own!

She can spin around even when swaddled. On tummy time, she can spin around so that her legs face a different direction, and we find her spun around in her crib even in a swaddle! She’s kicking her legs up a storm like she’s trying to crawl, too.

She notices Pippa more. She discovered Pippa this month and likes to smile at and talk to her now. She even watches Pippa walk across a room. I tell her Pippa is a good dog who goes “woof woof.”

She focuses more. She will look at a book the entire time I’m reading it now!

She can grasp and hold onto much bigger things. She still has the kung fu baby grip, but now she holds onto much bigger toys, which makes her feel like a big kid!

She graduated from the swaddle to the Magic Merlin Sleep SuitThis, of course, made me sad, but she had been crying when we were putting her in the swaddle for a while, and she started getting her arms out pretty consistently. I finally relented and let her switch to the sleep suit, which is much easier and less of a production to put on.

She started sitting in the Bumbo seat. She has very consistent head control now, so we just tried her in the Bumbo seat, and she seems steady.

Events and Outings

Her nanny started, and we left her with a baby-sitter for the first time. This is the month I started letting other people take care of her a bit! We left her with a baby-sitter for the first time to take an Infant CPR class (such a romantic date night!), and her nanny is great with her while I’m getting work done!

She met some other baby friends. I met two new friends who have babies the exact same age, and we had several of our friends’ babies over this month. Victoria has some baby friends! She looks at them for a while and seems to notice they are there.

She took her first flight and met her great-grandparents, aunt and uncle!  This was the BIG event/outing of course! It went so well!

She wore her first Halloween costume. She was Flounder, and it was adorable.

Likes and Dislikes


-Standing or sitting or being held upright. (She’ll fuss if you hold her horizontally like a baby.)

-Milk! She eats way more now.

-Her lamb lovey. We think she’s picked out her go-to comfort toy!

-Sucking her thumb. Womp Womp. We still can’t get her to keep a pacifier in her mouth.


-Her swaddles. 🙁

-Being strapped into the car seat.

Since she wears white for these monthly photos, you know I couldn’t resist dressing her up like an angel since today is Halloween. 🙂 We love this sweet angel baby!

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