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Non-Maternity Lilly Pulitzer that Works for Maternity (Even at Nine Months!)

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately, you may be wondering if I even have anything in my closet for summer that isn’t Lilly. Well, it turns out there are so many non-maternity Lilly dresses (and even some tops) that I can still wear in my regular size!

The (very roomy) Edna Dress

I bought several roomy dresses at the After Party Sale this year, and they are still going strong at 39 weeks pregnant. It felt so much better to buy cute clothes I know I’ll wear after the baby comes than to spend more on actual maternity outfits. Also, it just feels better to wear normal-people clothes sometimes!

Since I did buy mine on sale and so many are not available anymore, I’ll show some photos of mine as examples and then put some currently available picks at the bottom in case you’re a Lilly-loving pregnant lady looking for maternity options!

Here’s What I’ve Been Wearing

The Edna Dress  (no longer available)

The Ophelia Swing Dress

Hayley and I at Founding Farmers this past weekend! She’s 20 weeks pregnant! This is the Blythe dress (no longer available).

The Sophie Dress

Elsa Tops are great for maternity! You may want to either go one size up, or just wear these until they don’t fit anymore, though.

The Anise Dress (no longer available) (Similar here). See my Charleston restaurant post for where to eat in Charleston!

The Rooney Dress (no longer available) // Photo by Jennifer Collins Photography

Some Great Lilly Options for Maternity Available Now

Achelle Dress // Melle Dress // Jackie Dress

Obviously anything that says “swing” or “trapeze” is a good bet, and there are so many options! Some of these are similar to several of the dresses I have had great luck with.

Elsa in Dive In // Elsa in Beach Bathers // Elsa in Gypsea

As I mentioned above, Elsa tops are naturally roomy (and super chic whether you’re pregnant or not!), so they are great for maternity. Toward the end of the third trimester you may want to go up a size, but everyone is different, so I wore my regular size as long as it worked!

 Sloane Midi // Parigi Maxi // Magnolia Midi

Of course, there are tons of options if you explore the maxi and midi dress selection (actually in Lilly and any other brand). Lots of these have empire waists or are just loose fits in general.

Happy non-maternity maternity shopping! 🙂


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