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Into the Woods: A Weekend at Capon Springs and Farms

It’s possible there is a little too much stress and anxiety in this great nation today, so I’m doing my part to help everyone’s blood pressure drop just a smidge by sharing these enchanting photos of my real-life Brigadoon: Capon Springs and Farms. Loookkkk atttt the phoootooos. Feeeeel yourself growing calm and still. Focus on your breath and go to this place with me. Ok, just kidding, I would be the worst meditation coach on the planet. I LOVE CAPON SPRINGS! 🙂

Capon Springs Resort


This is really my third post waxing on about this delightful place, starting with this introduction and this outfit post shot on location, but I’m still not really ready to come down off my Capon Springs high yet, so I ask for one more moment of your time to share this place with you!



Capon Springs is a resort just over the border into West Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. It has been around since the 1800s, but it has a strong 1950s vibe. Time really stands still in this place. To get there, you go about 12 miles down a country highway off the interstate then turn only a gravel road into the woods. One would think that the gravel road can’t really last that long, but oh, it can and it does. Thankfully our church puts up lots of signs to encourage us to “keep going” and admonishing “oh ye of little faith,” because really, you feel like you are going to the end of civilization and then you just. keep. going. But the isolation is the name of the game and the gravel road is totally worth it when you get to a clearing in the trees and your Brigadoon appears: open space, gorgeous white lodges with green shutters and trim, the most beautiful fall foliage, and flowers everywhere.


Life at Capon Springs is very sweet. It starts with the old-fashioned intercoms posted on trees throughout the grounds waking you with choral and military music from the 30s and 40s. Then when you have had a moment to do some morning Bible study on your balcony, you can go into the main lodge to sit next to the roaring fire and have a cup of coffee. At 8:15 the dinner bell rings to let you know it’s time to go to the dining hall for breakfast, and at 8:25 there is an official flag-raising ceremony followed by the playing of our national anthem. I do not kid. I love this place.


Did I mention that there are no keys to the rooms at Capon Springs? There are no keys. You just know that in this magical place, there is no concern for security, so you let your guard down and live in peace.


Many good conversations happen in this gazebo.


All three meals are signaled by the playing of the old-fashioned hymns or choral tunes, followed by the bell. Then you gather around communal tables with friends, and the staff serve you family-style meals always followed by several choices of dessert. What is this place? 


Unfortunately, Will had to work, so that made the inability to communicate with the outside world a little less enjoyable than it would have been otherwise, but I still took the opportunity to leave my phone in my unlocked room and call him from a real phone once from the front desk. When you are at Capon Springs, you are family.

The Grace DC Retreat


Of course, this place is already sweet, but it’s a lot better when you get to go with friends. We are blessed with such a gospel-centered church that really acts as our family in DC. They say that you get about three months of fellowship during your three days at Capon Springs, and it’s totally true. We sang lots of worship songs, had a guest pastor give three different talks about how to be a gospel-centered community, and broke into small groups to discuss what we heard from comfortable chairs by roaring fires. I don’t know that I’ve ever been as thankful for my church as I was after this weekend.




On Friday night, there was a carnival set up for the kids everyone and hot dogs coming off the big grill. We enjoyed hanging out around the main house until it was time to go up to the Sunset Lodge and hang out some more. The Sunset Lodge is a beautiful pavilion on the golf course with strung lights, outdoor fires, hot chocolate, and cider. None of us could believe how beautiful and numerous the stars were out there. Poor DC kids.



On Saturday afternoon, there were options for hikes, feeding pigs, tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc. Last year we went on the big hike, so even thought the scenery was gorgeous, this year I decided to stick around and see what else there was to explore. First up? Pig feeding.


We hiked a little ways up to this is a magical place where you can chuck pumpkins at adorable piglets and then watch them scarf out the insides.


Each of the piglets had names on the tags on their ears like Carla, Gus, and Bob.


Preparing to chuck my pumpkin


The only thing more fun than smashing pumpkins is watching how happy it makes the piglets.


My ladies! Amy, Amy, Rachel, and me. These are some sweet women.


Isn’t looking up a pig’s nostrils just what you needed on this election day?


There were also furry cows, which made Hayley very happy. 🙂


Friends playing volleyball


Hanging with my Les. I love how this lady’s sweet heart and compassion inspire me.


I spent a lot of the afternoon just hanging around, enjoying the outdoors with friends.



Next up, I took a shorter hike through the woods with Jeff, Hayley, and Rachel. We saw a deer, but I couldn’t get a good photo of it. These woods were just sparkling with sun filtered through colorful leaves, just like at Zach and Lacy’s wedding.







We then spent the rest of the evening just catching up in this gazebo and talking about life until the music told us it was time for dinner.



Are they not the most beautiful couple ever?

Saturday evening and Sunday were filled with more worship, karaoke, an around-the-world ping pong game with eight friends, s’mores by the bonfire, and board games. I didn’t make it to the Settlers of Catan table this year, but there’s always next year. I can’t wait to go back!

If you’re wondering what else is wild and wonderful about West Virginia, you may want to check out another little old resort that is a little fancier and our favorite local place to ski.


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