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Friday Favorites No. 30: South Carolina Vibes

This is from Sea Island, not South Carolina, but Erin and I took a quick 24-hour trip there too!

Happy Friday! I’m in Charleston, SC with Erin, Ryan, and Sully right now, so life is good! (I really wanted to title this, “I’ve got friends in Lowcountry,” but I resisted.) I just packed a suitcase full of Lilly (the more non-wrinkle the better) and have been loving the 80-degree weather. Something about being on the water as the seasons change to summer is just so refreshing. This trip is mostly about catching up and spending quality time with friends, but Erin and Ryan are also fabulous tour guides with so much knowledge about and deep love for Charleston. We even also made a little trip to Sea Island, GA! (Erin had a work meeting there, and I sure didn’t mind.) More on our adventures soon, but in the meantime, here’s what else has been up this week!


Setting up the Stroller

We made our first major baby gear progress this weekend when we set up the stroller! This thing is awesome! It comes with a bassinet that is approved for overnight sleep and a toddler seat. We have the car seat on the way (thanks to both grandmas for these!), and that also pops in and out for use in the car and the stroller. It rolls really easily, has tons of storage underneath, folds up compactly, and comes with bug shields, sun shields, and a rain shield. Our baby is set on transportation, and this is getting real!


Derby Day Party Ideas and Outfits

I just realized that Derby Day is coming up the first weekend in May, and if you are hosting a watch party, you may want some menu and decor ideas! We’re going to be out of town this year, but this post has my menu from last year!


Making a Gratitude List

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Do you keep a gratitude list? I used to be really good about writing down five little things a day I am grateful for, which can range anywhere from really deep things (the gospel, Will, etc.) to a good scoop of ice cream. It is a very fruitful habit to cultivate, since it conditions you to constantly be on the look-out for things to be joyful about. The new Write the Word journals have a space to write what you are grateful for, which reminded me to reinvigorate this habit! There is SO much to be thankful for this spring, and I encourage you to try it!


Sanibel Island Plans

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In a major change of plans, we’re no longer going to Scandinavia for our babymoon and rebooked our flights to Sanibel Island instead! I can’t tell you why quite yet, but I promise it is the best reason ever, and I can’t wait to share more. It was a long (albeit mild) winter, especially with the first trimester thrown in, and we decided even though we are in South Carolina right now, we really can’t get enough beach time now that it’s finally spring. So with Europe not in the cards right now, we were looking for a beach and kind of picked Sanibel on a whim! We’ve never been, but there was room at a resort right on the beach Southern Living recommended, and we love to explore new places. We plan to bike and kayak, but if you have Sanibel or Captiva recommendations, send them my way!  We would love to know your favorite restaurants or other things to do (besides lay on the beach!).


The Cutest Baby Swimsuit Ever

We got this in this week (for under $15), and I just about DIED. I saw it on several of my favorite blogs by bloggers with babies (here and here). I can’t wait to have my own little nugget to put this on! I almost wish she was here to go to Florida with us! (But not quite, because she doesn’t have a nursery yet.)

What Else Was Up on the Blog this Week:

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What are you up to this weekend?