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An Easy Summer Sundress

I’m back from a delightful babymoon to Sanibel Island and a wonderful (almost complete) weeklong break from social media and blogging! I basically gave myself permission to check out of everything except things I really wanted to look up, which turned out to be lots of baby, labor, and delivery-related questions. We had the best unplugged week to recharge and focus on each other, and I can’t wait to post photos and all the details!

Dress // J.Crew Headband (similar) // J.Crew Shoes (similar)

In the meantime, I noticed that this easy, comfy summer sundress is on major sale (for $49!) and wanted to share it with you! The elastic waistband makes this something I can still wear and feel like a normal person in for summer. I’m looking forward to casual date nights on patios in summer evenings in this.

Dress // J.Crew Headband (similar) // J.Crew Shoes (similar)

 I have SO many fun posts to write this week; so check back soon, and I’ll get to work!



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  • Your babymoon sounds like so much fun! I hope y’all had an amazing time!! 🙂 Love this dress- it combines all the fun seasonal trends in one piece- so cute!