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Friday Favorites No. 32: A Beautiful Charlottesville Wedding

Happy Friday! This has been a week of transition in a lot of (some BIG that I can’t share quite yet) ways, and one of them is that it is starting to feel like summer! That makes me really happy, because I am looking forward to pool lounging on our rooftop, lots of summer reading, and the Bachelorette coming back! On that note, I’m genuinely surprised and saddened to hear about Ben and Lauren’s break up. I really thought those two would make it! Sigh. Desiree + Chris and Sean + Catherine are still the best. Here’s what was up this past week!


A Old Friend’s British-American Wedding in Charlottesville!

This is my gorgeous and sweet oldest friend in the world, Rebecca. Sometimes you’re just blessed by the friends your mama picks out for you! 🙂

The beautiful bride Elizabeth Anne is also one of my oldest childhood friends!

These two lovely ladies are both old friends and also each other’s cousins! I was so thankful that Andrea and her husband lived in New York at the same time that I did!

As soon as we got back from Sanibel Island, we got unpacked and hopped in the car for King Family Vineyards for an old friend’s wedding! It was such a treat to see everyone from my original hometown who we don’t get to see often enough! This wedding also had a very special twist, as the groom is British, so there were sweet English touches woven throughout the gorgeous Charlottesville countryside vibe. It was such a sweet night of catching up with folks who have known me my whole life. As I think about bringing Baby Girl into the world I’m even more aware of how blessed I was as a kid to have such sweet close-knit community. My childhood friends’ parents are my parents’ old friends, and that means a lot.


The JLW’s First Annual Georgetown Shop Around

With my friend Brittnie!

The next day, I got to welcome people to the Georgetown Shop Around hosted by the Junior League! It was such a well-run and fun event, probably my favorite of my JLW experience so far! We had lots of people come in to buy tickets and get “passports,” which they had stamped at 15 different great stores around Georgetown! I staffed the check-in table and the Tory Burch entrance and had a great time. We celebrated with giveaways at an after party at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown, and it was just the best day!


Cultivate What Matters Summer Goal-Setting Products

Ah I am so excited about this. The Cultivate ladies have outdone themselves this year. For the past couple of summers, I have really enjoyed Lara Casey’s Fruitful Friendship summer email series, but this summer, it’s not just an email series! The Cultivate team has poured their hearts and souls into some gorgeous and really helpful products! This Fruitful Friendships Workbook is a beautiful tool to help you get intentional about cultivating friendships this season, and if you look closely, I may be quoted in it! #superfan. What better time to invest in relationships than when the days are long and there are so many fun outdoor concerts, late nights on balconies, and picnics to enjoy? It’s also a great time to tackle the second half of 2017 with guides for parents and couples and 6-month Powersheets! Honestly, this sweet team has really changed the way I do life, and their products and teaching bring so much joy. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, this is the perfect place to start (sign up for the email newsletter in the pop-up!).


Laduree (Complete with Cafe) in DC!!

Photo via

Y’all. A little piece of Paris is now about 10 minutes from our apartment: LADUREE IS IN GEORGETOWN. I really don’t have words for the joy that this brings me. This location also has a cafe with table service where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and “aperitif.” And if it can get any better, I’ll note that they serve homemade ice cream as well. Unfortunately, Georgetown Cupcake now has some competition for the longest lines down M Street, but I’ll rearrange my schedule for Laduree. Be still my heart.


“Anne with an E” on Netflix

Photo via

Ok I was really excited about Netflix bringing Anne of Green Gables back (obviously), but I will say this will not be every Anne-lover’s cup of tea. It’s a little dark, and I do miss Megan Follows. However, it is fun to see a new take on one of my very favorite stories, and I may just have to start reading the books to baby girl while she’s still in my belly this summer. (And also figure out where I can find all the 1980s episodes of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea?!? That Gilbert was so dreamy.) Anne is just nostalgic and delightful.

What Else was Up on the Blog this Week:

I shared an easy summer sundress on sale.

I recapped the seventh month of pregnancy! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  • I’m sceptical about the new Anne of Green Gables! I LOVE the ones with Megan Follows. I know I’ll end up watching them, but I’m holding out for a little bit.

    • I understand that for sure! I think as long as you go in with the expectation that it will be different, it is ok! If all else fails, you can rewatch Megan and/or reread the books. 🙂