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Home Tour No. 3: Our Great Room

All photos in this post are taken by Abby Grace Photography.

Isn’t “great room” just a great way to say “my kitchen, dining, and living space are all smushed together?” Today’s Blogtember Challenge prompt is to share a home tour, and it could not have come at a better time, as I am ready to finish mine. It really shouldn’t take this long to share a two bedroom apartment, but after today the only thing you’re missing is boring photos of the master bathroom. You can see all my home tour posts here (our bedroom; our guest room). If you’re the new kid around here, these are the rest of the shots the lovely Abby Grace took of our home for our Southern Newlywed feature. I’ll try to share where things are from, but if you want to know about something, just ask me in the comments!

The Entryway

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The mirror above this console table is one of my favorite things, but unfortunately, it’s from a flash sale from One Kings Lane.

This little nook is part of our entryway. In reality we don’t really have an entryway, but if you live in a tiny apartment, you can decide the edge of your living room is an “entryway.” The silver all over our apartment is Beatriz Ball, and as I might have mentioned, I’m obsessed. The lamp is a very old find from Pottery Barn Teen, the topiary is Pier One, and the toile storage box is from Hobby Lobby. The black rain boots became a chew toy for Pippa on a particularly naughty day. 🙁

The Living Room

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

This “Best is Yet to Come” print is on sale! 

One thing I knew for sure when I was trying to register for wedding gifts without knowing where we would live is that I wanted a gallery wall full of our happiest memories. That was one of my first priorities and also the last thing to get done in the apartment. I won’t write a fancy post on how to create a gallery wall, because Will eyeballed it while I was on the phone with a friend, and when I came out, it was done! The one that looks blank is my parents’ wedding invitation.

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The navy pillows are from Zazzle, and the gold dot one is from Anthropologie. The rose bowl is from Kate Spade and just happens to be the perfect size and shape for my favorite flowers, hydrangeas! The pocket watch clock is Pottery Barn. The coasters are made from tiles we bought in Amalfi and put chair sliders on!View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The mirrored lamps are West Elm, and the rug is Anthropologie. The coffee table is Ballard Designs and on sale as well!

I was super picky about rugs, and when I found this Gloria’s Garden rug from Anthropologie, it was love at first sight. Once I get my heart set on things, I will just not buy anything if I can’t have it, but luckily Will’s mom stepped in to save Will from hearing about this rug nonstop for the rest of his life by buying it for us last Christmas. Thank you, Kathy! I think it really ties together our eclectic, Southern, rustic, preppy cozy-chic vibe. I feel like in the end our living room looks like Nashville’s personality bottled up into some home decor.View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

Bookshelf/Love Life Pillow/Vintage Marqee Light/Fur Throw/Curtains

One of the things we love most in the apartment is this modern metal photo my brother got us. It is actually on metal, and it looks a lot cooler in real life. You can have one made at Mpix.View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homesView More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The Dining Room

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

This table is awesome for small spaces, with its built-in leaf and the way the bench can slide under.

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The bar cart is from One Kings Lane.

Will won’t let me hear the end of the fact that the bar cart was set up and looked exactly like this before we had unpacked our clothes, but that is just how excited I was about this thing! My mom also had our wedding invitation suite framed, and I think the invitation for dinner and dancing is just lovely above a bar cart. The bottle of wine on top was made by my dad with specialized labels featuring our ancestral home, Little Moreton Hall, and the vase with the ribbon on it is from Paige’s wedding reception. The bow came from a bottle of champagne opened at my bridesmaid brunch!

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The bar cart is also a fun place to keep mementos, like the glitter M and toasting flutes from our reception. The lamp came from my bedside table in Nashville, and I think the most vital piece of the moving puzzle is finding ways for the things you already own and love to work somehow in your new space. Sometimes you have to get creative, but you can save a ton of money by shopping what you already own.

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

The bourbon barrel lazy Susan is darling in real life and actually has an “M” on it too that you can’t see here. Surprise, surprise, the buffet is also from Pottery Barn. We actually looked for a cheaper one all over northern Virginia, but we really didn’t like anything, and since the other ones weren’t free anyway, we decided to cash in all our move coupons from the post office and leftover wedding gift cards to get something we can keep. We think we’ll keep Pippa too, even though her leg is shaved here post-Aleve-eating mishap. Don’t worry folks, she’s back to crate training but has a wonderful dog walker.

The Kitchen

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homesView More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

View More: http://abbygracephotography.pass.us/southern-weddings-homes

And this is our kitchen! We spend a ton of time in here, so my primary criteria for a DC apartment was that it couldn’t have a “hallway kitchen,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Well this one doesn’t have much cabinet space or a pantry, but it’s open and even has a window! We love our Nespresso machine (pumpkin spice lattes are coming soon!) and Vitamix. We spend the majority of our waking hours at home here and are very happy to do so.

And that is our apartment! It took a while for us to put all the finishing touches on our little space, but we really love how it turned out. We love hanging out here so much and are hoping we can keep most of our furniture and decor for a very long time!

You can see all my posts involving our home here.

And finally, make sure to come back tomorrow, because I have a very fun post in the works!


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  • Oh my goodness. This is darling! I LOVE the coffee table! There’s a similar one at World Market I have had my eye on the past year! I love the cottage + industrial look of the apartment. And I don’t blame you for getting that bar cart ready so soon since it is absolutely beautiful!

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Elena! Cottage+industrial is right! I like that way to describe it!

  • Sam

    Oh my your great room is fantastic! Every detail is perfect!! Plus the pup is a perfect addition 😉

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Sam! We love her! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness this is so beautiful. As a gal who lived in DC for several years I am in awe of your set up and how open and light your space looks! You definitely have an eye for wonderful interior design!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Blessings, Rebecca 🙂

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Rebecca! To be fair, we are in Arlington! I should probably make that more clear–I’m cheating! 🙂

  • I just love your apartment!! Y’all did such a great job making it a happy, cozy space, and all the little details you brought in from your wedding are so sweet 🙂

    • Catherine

      Thank you, Lisa! I can’t wait to see more of your new house! I know you’re a little busy right now, though! 😉

  • Your great room is beautiful! I love the lamp with the pink stripes and the gold dot pillows! The gallery wall looks amazing too!

    • Catherine

      Thanks, Erika! Check back tomorrow for the exciting finale–I updated it! 🙂

  • I have a great room as well which to me has always meant “good luck fitting a dining table in with your living room furniture that is all in clear sight of your kitchen” Sometimes I love the open space and sometimes, usually around the holidays, I wish I had a separate, formal dining room. Loving your pillows, the monogrammed ones are adorable! Our bar carts look very similar, it looks as if one more person brings over a bottle the whole thing will burst! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca

    • Catherine

      Haha, you are totally right, Rox-Anne, I have worried about it breaking, but so far, so good!

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  • How cute is this!!!!! Found your blog today and am so glad I did! Lots of inspiration coming from that pretty bar cart of yours. Hope you have a great weekend! – McKenzie @ SomethinSouthernBlog.com

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much, McKenzie! I’m so glad you’re here! I can’t wait to follow your blog!

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